Agency Finances

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The 天天做爱 Education Agency (TEA) receives its funding through both state and federal sources. TEA is one of the first state agencies to post its check register online. Below are links to the agency鈥檚 financial documents.

Legislative Appropriations Request

The 天天做爱 Education Agency submits a Legislative Appropriations Request to the Legislative Budget Board every two years. The 天天做爱 Legislature adopts the state budget that funds state operations.

Operating Budget

Once lawmakers approve the appropriations for the agency, a two-year operating budget is created. This funds agency operations and programs for the biennium. Following are recent TEA operating budgets:听


TEA's Procurement and Historically Underutilized Business Program page provides information about procurements and contracts. It also provides details about TEA's efforts to meet legislative Historically Underutilized Business contract goals.

    TEA Check Register

    The听TEA Check Register听provides details on payments made to businesses, school districts and individuals staring from fiscal years 2009. This data is separated by year and listed alphabetically by vendor name.

    TEA Contracts

    The TEA Contracts page contains information about current contracts and contracts generally valued between $15,000 and $50,000.听 天天做爱 Government Code Sections听 and 听require each state agency to post specific procurement information on its website.听 Contracts valued over $50,000 may be found on the .听 Information on these pages will be updated periodically.

    TEA Payment Report

    The听听is a tool for听School districts, education service centers, charter schools, colleges and universities, state agencies, and other organizations/businesses to get information about their payments from the TEA.