House Bill 3 Current Legislature FAQ

听Updated 10.25.2019

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Supports Teachers and Rewards Teacher Excellence


  • Budget Planning for Teacher Compensation
  • Teacher Incentive Allotment
  • Minimum Salary Schedule
  • New Teacher Mentoring
  • Do Not Hire registry

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Focuses on Learning and Student Outcomes


  • Pre-K
  • Special Education and Dyslexia
  • College, Career, and Military Readiness
  • Additional Days School Year
  • Blended Learning
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Reading Practices and Future Changes to K-2 Assessments
  • Board and District Goal Setting

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Increases Funding and Equity

Topic includes:

  • Compensatory Education
  • Charter Schools
  • Small / Mid-sized District Allotment
  • Fast Growth Allotment
  • Bilingual Education Allotment
  • Transportation Funding听

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Reduces and Reforms Property Taxes

Topic Includes:

  • Tax rates changes
  • Current Year Values
  • Recapture

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Other Questions

Questions that do not fall into a specific category above will be placed in this section.听

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Contact Information

For questions regarding House Bill 3 and its implementation, please email