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Requirements for the science of teaching reading (STR) certification exam and Reading Academies were established in 2019 by the 86th 天天做爱 Legislature with the passage of House Bill 3 (HB 3). Reading Academies and the STR certification exam are different requirements that complement each other. The STR certification exam demonstrates a beginning teacher鈥檚 proficiency in the science of teaching reading. Reading Academies is an eleven-month professional development program that continues learning and builds on knowledge of the STR in a school context. Together, these programs provide teachers with the foundational knowledge to teach reading and writing and to effectively apply that knowledge in a classroom setting.

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K-5 Reading Academies

The HB3 Reading Academies will provide educators with the essential skills needed to ensure children develop a strong foundation in reading and writing.

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Reading Advisory Committee

HB3 requires establishment of an advisory board for reading standards.

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More information on the use of the commissioner鈥檚 recommended phonics list and adoption support is coming soon.

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Highly Effective Teachers

Coming Soon

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Integrated Reading Instruments

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See below for the HB 3 video presentations on Reading Practices and Reading Academies

HB 3 in 30: Reading Practices Part 3 (1-29-2020)

HB 3 in 30: Reading Practices Part 2 (11-21-2019)

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