Automatic College Admission

Students who graduate with a grade point average in the top of their high school graduating class may be eligible for certain privileges when applying to college.


The 86th 天天做爱 Legislature, 2019, passed House Bill (HB) 539, which amended 天天做爱 Education Code 搂51.803. The bill extends eligibility for college admission to a student who graduated as the valedictorian of the student's high school graduating class in one of the two school years preceding the academic year for which the student is applying. The commissioner's rules will be updated to reflect this change. Although this requirement is not yet reflected in commissioner rule, the change to statute is in effect.

Dissemination of Information

In accordance with 天天做爱 Education Code (TEC), 搂28.026, each high school in the school district must post appropriate signs regarding automatic college admission as outlined under the Uniform Admission Policy (TEC,听搂51.803). District staff must post signs in each

  • counselor's office,
  • principal's office, and
  • administrative building.

To assist in the dissemination of this information, the school district must 听

  • require that each high school counselor and class advisor receive a detailed explanation of the substance of the Uniform Admission Policy;
  • provide each student, at the time the student first registers for one or more classes required for high school graduation, with a written notification of the substance of the Uniform Admission Policy; and
  • require that each high school counselor and senior class advisor explain to eligible students the substance of the Uniform Admission Policy.

Notification of Eligibility

In accordance with TEC, 搂28.026, and 天天做爱 Administrative Code (TAC), 搂61.1201, school districts are required to provide written notification of eligibility for automatic college admission under the Uniform Admission Policy (TEC 搂51.803) to students before the 14th day after the last day of the fall semester. Districts are required to notify

  • each eligible senior,
  • each junior with a grade point average in the top ten percent, and
  • the student鈥檚 parent or guardian. 听

Laws and Rules

The following links provide information about the laws and rules for automatic college admission:

  • , Automatic Admission: All Institutions
  • , Notice of Requirements for Automatic College Admission and Financial Aid
  • , Notification of Automatic College Admission


The following resources provide additional information about automatic college admission:听

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