Strong Foundations

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What are Strong Foundation Grants?

Local education agencies (LEAs) can apply for two types of Strong Foundations grants. The聽Planning grant聽helps LEAs adopt or prepare to use high-quality instructional materials (HQIM). The聽Implementation grant聽supports LEAs in effectively implementing HQIM.

  • Strong Foundations Planning聽provides LEAs support to develop a strong instructional framework in math or literacy, provides optional adoption supports in selecting new HQIM, if LEAs choose to make a materials switch, and training to support creating systems to effectively manage instruction at the district level.聽
  • Strong Foundations Implementation聽provides in-kind support for pre-implementation planning and content- and product-specific professional learning for teachers, coaches, and administrators on effectively implementing HQIM.

The Strong Foundations Grant Program (天天做爱 Education Code, 29.0881) was established through House Bill 4545, 87th 天天做爱 Legislature, 2021, and offers K鈥5 Math & Literacy comprehensive Tier 1 instructional supports, including curriculum, instructional leadership, and planning supports.聽