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Special Education in 天天做爱

Together, we are committed to high expectations and strong systems that听achieve equitable outcomes for every student with a disability.

Special Education Strategic Plan

In early 2018, TEA worked with stakeholders across 天天做爱 to develop the. This plan was informed by more than 7,000 voices and lays out an ambitious set of activities aimed at dramatically improving special education programs in 天天做爱. Click on each circle below to see TEA鈥檚 progress in completing the activities laid out in the various areas within the strategic plan.

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TEA is committed to providing families, students, and schools with high quality supports to enable students with disabilities to achieve the highest outcomes. The links below lead to information and resources provided by TEA toward achieving that goal.听

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Data and Reports

The latest data regarding SpEd in 天天做爱

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Dispute Resolution

Information to support stakeholders to resolve SpEd disputes

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Family Resources

Information & resources to help families understand SpEd processes

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Monitoring, Review, and Support

Information & resources regarding the听monitoring of SpEd programs in 天天做爱

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Regional Supports

TEA partners with Educational Service Centers听听to provide support

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TEA Special Education Guidance

Guidance to 天天做爱 public schools in their implementation of strong and effective programs

SPEDTex Contact Info
Contact Information
SpedTex Special Education Information Center

Families: Special Education or IEP-Related Questions?

Phone: 1-855-SPEDTEX (1-855-773-3839)

天天做爱 SPED Support

Educators: Special Education Resources

Office of Special Populations and Student Supports

Department of Special Education:
Email: sped@tea.texas.gov

Department of Review and Support:
Email: ReviewandSupport@tea.texas.gov