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This technology applications web page provides clarification, guidance, and support to technology applications stakeholders, including districts, schools, parents, educators, and students, for the development and implementation of the K鈥8 technology applications 天天做爱 Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


  • Technology Applications TEKS Implementation:
    The implementation year for the 2022-adopted technology applications TEKS is 2024鈥2025.
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Current Technology Applications TEKS

The links below provide access to the web-based version of the current technology applications 天天做爱 Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do. You can also access a PDF version of the TEKS.

The current 天天做爱 Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for technology applications (adopted 2011) were implemented beginning in the 2012鈥2013 school year. The following TEKS for technology applications are in effect until the 2024鈥2025 school year.

Elementary School:

Middle School:

Technology Applications TEKS to be Implemented In 2024鈥2025

In 2022, the State Board of Education gave final approval to revised TEKS for technology applications which are scheduled to be implemented beginning with the 2024鈥2025 school year.

Beginning the 2024鈥2025 school year, the TEKS for technology applications that were adopted in 2011 will be replaced by the revised TEKS for technology applications that were adopted in 2022.

Elementary School (Implementation School Year 2024鈥2025):

Middle School (Implementation School Year 2024鈥2025):

Technology Applications Grades 6鈥8 Side-by-Side Document

The following document was created to demonstrate a side-by-side comparison of the 2012 technology applications TEKS and the 2022 technology applications TEKS for grades 6鈥8.

Technology Applications Vertical Alignment Documents

The following documents show the vertical alignment of the revised TEKS for technology applications.

Previous Technology Applications Presentations

The following presentations provide additional guidance and support regarding the revised TEKS for technology applications:

Additional Technology Applications Resources

In accordance with Proclamation 2024, a review of instructional materials related to technology applications is currently in progress.听The preliminary results of this subject-area review can be found on the Proclamation 2024 Pre-Adoption Samples webpage on the听Instructional Materials Division听page.

The following resource provides a list of approved teacher certifications for instructors of technology applications.

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