Annual Financial and Compliance Report

Each year, a Charter School, Independent School District (ISD) or education service center (ESC) must take the following steps:

  1. Prepare its annual financial statements.
  2. Have its annual financial statements audited by a licensed independent certified public accountancy (CPA) firm.
  3. Submit the resulting audited annual financial and compliance report (AFR)听and additional data to the 天天做爱 Education Agency (TEA) for review.

When is the AFR due to TEA?听

An AFR is due by no later than 150 days after the close of a district鈥檚 fiscal year. The following table shows the due dates for different fiscal year calendars.

If a district鈥檚 fiscal year ends on then the AFR is due to TEA听on or before

August 31,

January 28.

June 30,

November 27.

      • The , does not provide for any extension when the date falls on a holiday or weekend. The听AFR is also not required to be submitted earlier.
      • A complete, board approved, and signed AFR in PDF and data feed text file听must be听received through听the AUDIT听application in the TEA Login (TEAL) secure environment to meet submission requirements.
      • Emailing of the required听AFR files does not meet submission requirements.
      • The AUDIT听application in TEAL听is open 24 hours a day, seven听days a week听to accept electronic AFR submissions.

      Preparation of the Annual Financial Report submission听

      The AFR electronic submission summary:

      1. Prepare annual financial statements and have them audited by a licensed independent CPA firm.
      2. Have the audited AFR approved by its board.
      3. Prepare a PDF version of its board-approved, audited AFR.听
      4. Ensure that the AFR PDF file includes:
        • Certificate of Board
          • Indicated to be approved or disapproved
          • Complete date: month, date, and year
          • Signed by board president and secretary (or other board member in place of)
        • Signed and dated auditor's reports
        • Federal single audit report (required when $750,000 or more in federal expenditures)
        • Management letter (if issued)
        • Schedule L-1, Required Responses to Selected School FIRST Indicators (ISDs only, Charter Schools submit schedule听RQ1 in data feed only)
      5. Prepare data feed text file submission.
      6. Ensure that the financial information in the AFR and data feed are consistent.
      7. Submit Both the PDF and data feed through the AUDIT听application in the 天天做爱 Education Agency Login (TEAL)
      8. Review the PDF and data feed submission for consistency and听completeness.
      9. Finalize the data feed text听file.
      10. Use the VIEW District Status menu option in the AUDIT application to open and view each PDF file for completeness, and verify that the data feed is submitted and finalized.听

        For instructions on submitting the AFR and data feed to TEA, see Electronic Submissions.

        Common Issues with Annual Financial Report submissions

        The following presentation(s) summarize the common issues identified during reviews of the annual financial report PDF and data feed file submissions. The third presentation provides information on updates to two ISD data feed schedules for FY2023 submissions.

        Listing of External Audit Firms

        We have provided a listing of independent audit firms that听have performed audits of charter schools and school districts in 天天做爱 for the most recent audit year.听The firms are listed by the name under which the audit was performed and the number of audits performed in each ESC region. Please refer to the 天天做爱 State Board of Public Accountancy website at 听for contact information, name changes, and the license status of each听firm.

        Please note that this posting is not an endorsement of any of the firms listed.

        Charter schools, ESCs,听and school districts in 天天做爱 must ensure their independent auditor:

        • is a CPA听firm that has a current valid license issued by the 天天做爱 State Board of Public Accountancy;
        • is a CPA听with a current valid license issued by the 天天做爱 State Board of Public Accountancy;
        • is a member of the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) (); and
        • meets all additional rules of the , , and all other requirements.

        The following spreadsheet contains a listing of external certified public accounting firms听that performed audits of charter schools, governmental charter schools, and school districts:

        Electronic AFR Public Viewer听

        To view a prior AFR, search the .

        Statutes and Rules Related to the AFR听

        Contact Information

        Paul Moreno (512) 475-2228 or听

        Division of Financial Compliance

        Phone: (512) 463-9095

        Fax: (512) 463-1777