State Funding Reports and Data

These听reports and data sources听provide听information on the state funding that districts receive and how that funding is calculated.

Summary of Finances and Related Reports

Payment Information

State Aid and Student Count Data听

Facilities Funding Reports

Public Education Information Management System听Reports

Access the Public Education Information听 Management System (PEIMS) budget and actual financial data for a particular school year in听a single file format听(.csv), a听multiple file format (.txt), or as a Microsoft Access database (.mdb).

View and download school district and charter school PEIMS budget and actual financial reports by school year (as well as campus-level PEIMS budget and actual financial reports by school year).

Access a variety of reports based on PEIMS data, including reports on geographic, student, and听staff information.

Other Reports

For听more information, contact:

Division of State Funding
(512) 463-9238