Educator Reports and Data

Educator Certification and Standards conducts studies about teacher demographics, teacher attrition and retention, teacher聽shortages, mathematics and science teachers and administrators聽in 天天做爱.

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Newly Certified and New Hires Dashboard

The Newly Certified and New Teacher Hires Dashboards provide an improved understanding of the routes to being hired as a teacher for newly hired educators, as well as the relationship between teacher preparation, certification pathways, and new teacher hires in 天天做爱 public schools.

Educator and Certificate Production

The following dashboards present information about newly certified educators and newly awarded educator certificates:

Insight to Impact Dashboard

Insight to Impact is a educator preparation program (EPP) data dashboard that is currently in development. Check here for project updates.

    Teacher Demographics

    The following completed studies cover gender, ethnicity, and other demographics of employed and certified teachers:

    Teacher Attrition and Retention

    These studies cover rates of teacher persistence through certification, hiring, and continued employment:

    Mathematics and Science Teachers

    These reports describe teacher demographics, certification, and experience:


    These studies cover principals, superintendents, and other administrative staff:

    Other Reports

    Historical Data

    This section contains older studies.

    Newsletter Archive