Accountability Research

The Accountability Research Unit in the Division of Research and Analysis is responsible for research and policy analysis on state and federal accountability measures, education policy research, development of public school data and information systems, and reports on educational progress in 天天做爱 public schools. The unit also manages AskTED鈥攖he web-based application that provides school district and campus organization and contact information鈥攁nd provides administrative support to a 天天做爱 Education Agency committee responsible for reviewing agency data collections.

The unit develops indicators and measures for high school completion, graduation, dropouts, grade-level retention, college entrance examinations (SAT and ACT), and advanced courses (Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate). The measures are used in the 天天做爱 Academic Performance Reports, state and federal accountability, performance-based monitoring, and numerous state and federal reports. Moreover, the unit publishes annual reports and searchable databases on the measures. The unit also coordinates and publishes an annual report on enrollment trends, the Comprehensive Report to the 天天做爱 Legislature on 天天做爱 Public Schools, and a number of special reports on education in 天天做爱.

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