Certificate and Transcript Search Information

The 罢别虫补蝉听 is used to obtain a free verification letter or a PDF containing the Certificate of High School Equivalency and test scores for $5.00. The PDF will include a diploma-style certificate suitable for framing and a transcript with test dates and scores. You can save the PDF file to your computer or electronic device, email it to yourself or third parties, and/or print it.听 Purchases can be made by credit card or check (automated clearing house).

Third Party Verifications

Colleges and employers are urged to obtain verifications from the 天天做爱 as TEA no longer sends certificates or verifications via mail, fax, or email to third parties.

If your search returns "No Records Found," please create a and make sure you include the applicant鈥檚 written consent to request a record search.

Recent Test Takers

Certificates are issued approximately three business days after the final computer-based test. TEA will email the initial certificate in a PDF file to the email address used to register for the exams.

Once the initial certificate is received by email, the 天天做爱 may be used to verify the certificate or purchase duplicate transcripts. If no social security number was provided when testing, a FILE ID number is provided on the transcript to use in the search.

File ID

File IDs are听assigned to records听when no social security number was provided. Certificate holders can create a to obtain the File ID.

Candidate ID

A Candidate ID is assigned by the test provider to each test taker with an account opened since January 1, 2014. Test takers can login to their test provider account through 听to obtain their Candidate ID. 听

High School Diplomas

If you graduated from high school, contact the school district from which you graduated to request your diploma and transcript.

Updated 5/1/2023