Blended Learning Professional Development Opportunity

During the 85th 天天做爱 legislative session, funds were appropriated to reimburse local educational agencies (LEAs), which includes school districts and open-enrollment charter schools, for costs related to professional development for blended learning offered by approved providers.

Approved Providers
Upon the conclusion of a request for qualifications (RFQ) process, the following providers were selected as the qualified providers for this blended learning professional development program:

Reimbursement Process
TEA and the approved providers have determined that the following process will be used to determine which districts will be eligible for the reimbursement of program/enrollment costs related to blended learning professional development for their educators.

1)聽聽聽 The LEA will contact one of the approved providers to determine availability.
2)聽聽聽 The provider will use screening tools to determine whether the LEA, campus, and educator possess the basic technical readiness to implement blended learning pedagogy.
3)聽聽聽 The provider will submit to TEA a list of enrolled educators for pre-approval for reimbursement.
4)聽聽聽 TEA will determine approval based on availability of funds and number of requests per district and campus.
5)聽聽聽 Pre-approval will be communicated to enrollees by the provider.
6)聽聽聽 Provider will submit to TEA verification of those educators who complete the professional development course.
7)聽聽聽 TEA will contact the LEA to inform them of their reimbursement amount.
8)聽聽聽 TEA will submit a reimbursement payment to the LEA.

Reimbursement Considerations
Reimbursements are limited by the amount of funds appropriated for this program, which is $2 million through August 31, 2019.

LEA costs are only eligible for reimbursement if:

  • 聽聽聽聽the professional development was provided by one of the two providers listed above, 聽聽聽聽 聽聽聽
  • 聽聽聽聽the educator completed the program as determined by the provider prior to July 28, 2019, and
  • 聽聽聽聽pre-approval was granted to the professional development provider for the educator for which the LEA seeks reimbursement.

    Reimbursable Costs
    Enrollment costs paid to one of the approved professional development providers are eligible for reimbursement through this program.

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