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Welcome to the TEA home page for educator preparation. Educators must meet high standards and be well prepared to teach in 天天做爱 classrooms. For a list of approved educator preparation programs (EPPs), see .

Providing a quality education for all 天天做爱 children requires partnerships between TEA, EPP providers, public and private schools, institutions of higher education, and the community. The 天天做爱 Education Agency ensures that the state's EPPs are high-quality institutions that recruit and prepare qualified educators to meet the needs of all learners in today's and tomorrow's 天天做爱 classrooms.

Educator Standards Updates

All university candidates completing an EPP must receive instruction in detection and education of students with dyslexia .

For more information on dyslexia requirements, visit dyslexia requirements for EPPs. For instructions on accessing TEA Login (TEAL) and the Educator Certification Online System (ECOS), download the TEAL and ECOS Step-by-Step Access Instructions for Educators (PDF, 20.6 MB).

Educational Aide Exemption Program

Although funding for the Educational Aide Exemption Program ended Aug. 31, 2011, individual public higher education institutions may still grant the tuition and fees exemption, at their own expense (天天做爱 Education Code (TEC) 54.214).

Overall, there is no general exemption from student teaching for educational aides. If you received a TEC 54.214 exemption in the past or receive one in the future while pursuing your bachelor's degree, TEC 21.050(c) requires that your student teaching requirements be waived. Please note the exemption is only granted if the public higher education institution provides for all the tuition and fees. If student teaching is waived, documentation relating to your TEC 54.214 exemption must be retained by an EPP for a period of five years, as required by 19 天天做爱 Administrative Code (TAC) 228.40(d). You need this documentation to evidence your completion of all program requirements.

Please note TEC 54.214 was amended by the 82nd Legislature, Special Session for new students receiving the exemption in fall 2012 or later. The new restrictions do not apply to students who received an exemption before fall 2012. You should contact the (outside source) if you have further questions about the exemption:

  • Phone: (512) 427-6340 x6393
  • Toll Free: (800) 242-3062
  • Fax: (512) 427-6420

Name and Address Changes

In accordance with TAC 搂230.431 (c), an applicant for or holder of an educator's certificate must provide the State Board of Educator Certification a current United States mailing address. Changes to contact information can be made in the educator's . Name changes must be requested by submitting a written request through the help desk.