Principal Surveys to Evaluate Educator Preparation Programs

The 天天做爱 Education Agency (TEA) will be collecting data regarding the preparation of first-year teachers to help understand and provide resources and supports to educator preparation programs (EPPs) in preparing first-year teachers to succeed in the classroom. Principals will complete a survey for each teacher who meets the following criteria:听

  • Is working for the first year as a teacher of record in 天天做爱 public schools
  • Has taught for at least five months of the school year
  • Holds a standard, intern, or probationary certificate
  • Has completed or is enrolled in a 天天做爱 Educator Preparation Program

Current State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) rules in 19 天天做爱 Administrative Code (TAC) 搂229.3(f)(3), require each principal who has first-year teachers on his or her campus to complete a survey about the effectiveness of preparation for classroom success of those first-year teachers. According to TAC 搂229.3(b), any individual holding a 天天做爱-issued educator certificate who fails to provide information required may be subject to sanction of their certificate, including the placement of restrictions, inscribed or non-inscribed reprimand, suspension, or revocation. The information provided will assist in improving the preparation of teacher candidates through educator preparation programs (EPPs).听

The survey is authorized by Senate Bill 174, passed by the 81st 天天做爱 Legislature in 2009, and included in听.听

The results from this survey are used for monitoring and understanding the effectiveness of EPPs.听

As a reminder to principals, the process of determining the survey responses is best when the focus is on the observed evidence related to the content of the survey question. By using aligned evidence about the preparation of the first-year teachers, the responses and the results of the survey are useful and actionable by EPPs and the SBEC.听


If you are a principal, the surveys are located in your TEA educator profile Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) blue screen and pre-populated with teachers attached to your campus. Principals will earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits by reviewing the training component and for completing surveys.

Download CPE Certificate

Principal surveys open on Monday, April 1, 2024, and must be submitted by Saturday, June 15, 2024.听

If a principal is planning to move to another district or campus, the principal needs to complete the principal survey before he/she exits the district or campus.听

A copy of the Principal Survey can be printed for review prior to completing the actual online survey or for use by a designee.听

Human Resources Staff

If you are a Human Resources (HR) administrator, you have access to the principal surveys through ECOS for entities for roster verification. To access the HR principal survey management tool, you must access the ECOS green screen. TEAL and ECOS Access for HR Administrators (PDF).听

As an HR administrator, you may add/remove principal/teachers as well as view who has completed surveys. 听

Access for HR administrators begins Monday, March 18, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document Principal Survey FAQs 2024 (PDF).听

For questions not addressed in the FAQ or assistance needed, please send an email to A response will be provided within one-business day. You may also contact Viviana Lopez at (512) 463-5280.