Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting


Performance Reporting compiles data to develop and report meaningful accountability ratings to help 天天做爱 public schools meet the educational needs of all students. As part of administering the state鈥檚 public-school accountability system, the division publishes assessment reporting and accountability data in several different formats, for different audiences, and for different purposes.听

The division also provides guidance and resources to help school administrators, teachers, parents, and the general public understand and benefit from the state鈥檚 accountability system.听

Looking for information about the 2023 accountability system refresh?听
Information about the 2023 A鈥揊听accountability system can be found on the 2023 Accountability Development website. 听

Accountability Ratings

Accountability Ratings

Learn more about campus and district ratings, as well as data used to determine ratings.听


天天做爱 Performance Reporting System (TPRS)

Explore 天天做爱 public education data using our dynamic reporting system.

TAPR Report

天天做爱 Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

Take a deep dive into demographics, staff, programs, and academic achievement.

School Report Card

School Report Card (SRC)

Learn about a campus, including its accountability rating, financial information, and performance.

Local Accountability System (LAS)

Local Accountability System (LAS)

LAS allows districts and open-enrollment charter schools to develop accountability system plans for their campuses.

Federal Report Card

Federal Report Card

View accountability information as required听by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Public Education Grant

Public Education Grant (PEG)

Learn about PEG, which听permits parents to request that their children transfer to other schools or other districts.

Discover how your school and district are preparing your child for the future.


Monitoring (PBM)

The PBM听system includes annual reports and analyses to ensure the accuracy and reliability of submitted data.