School Action Fund

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School Actions are whole-school strategies districts use to increase access to high-quality schools, meet听community needs, and address chronic underperformance. The School Action Fund (SAF) grant provides technical assistance, resources, and grant funds to support the planning and implementation of school actions for, and at, individual campuses to improve schools and provide parents and families with the schools and programs they want, need, and deserve.听The School Action Fund supports these bold school actions:

  • Restart a struggling school
  • Create a new school
  • Reassign students to a higher-performing school
  • Redesign a whole school

For more information on transformative School Actions and School Model Playbooks, please visit the听.

  • ESF-Aligned
  • High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)
  • Research Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS)
  • Strategic Scheduling

School Action Fund Resources

The resources below align with the core components of all school actions.

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For information on the Effective Schools Framework (ESF).

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High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)

HQIM with embedded assessments and diagnostic tools.

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Additional Days School Year

For more information on Additional Days School Year.

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Accelerated Instruction

For Information on Accelerated Instruction.

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Assessment Resources

For more information on Assessment Resources

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For more information on School Model Playbooks.

Important Information and reminders

  • Gate 1听Due Dates
    • Planning Deliverables are due on October 11, 2024
    • Continuation and/or Implementation Deliverables are due on October 11, 2024
Contact Information

For additional information, contact:

Laura Hyatt
Manager, School Action Fund