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SGS Districts have proven their ability to make dramatic, lasting change for students.

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We help districts understand and deliver the schools their families want, need, and deserve.

What is the System of Great Schools?

The Network

天天做爱 school districts who join the SGS Network participate in a 4-year program that provides district leaders with technical assistance, professional learning communities, and support in applying for grants and other financial resources. Twenty two districts, enrolling about 700,000 students, participate听in the SGS Network. These districts are united by the commitment to ensure that every student has access to a high-quality, best-fit school.听

2023 - 2024 System of Great Schools districts

The Strategy

The SGS Strategy is a district-level problem solving approach that district leaders use to understand school performance and community demand and deliver the schools families want, need, and deserve. District leaders use the Strategy to expand what works, replace what doesn鈥檛, and pursue all possible options to create high-quality, best-fit schools. The Strategy includes four levers: analyze school performance, expand great options, improve access to options, and create new organizational structures.

We are excited to announce that this spring we welcomed to the SGS Network:

  • Abilene ISD and
  • Midland ISD

With these districts, the SGS Network now serves about 700,000 天天做爱 students. We look forward to supporting these visionary district leaders as they create the schools their families want, need, and deserve.

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