Enrolling Your Child in School

Every child in 天天做爱 has the right to a free public education. A child may attend school in the school district in which he lives or enroll in other options, such as charter schools.

To enroll your child in school, you will need to locate a school, provide residency documentation, and get your child all state required immunizations or provide a valid exemption from the immunization requirements. The following links provide additional information about the enrollment process:

Locate Your School District or Charter School

The AskTED听(天天做爱 Education Directory) search tool or the School District Locator can help you find schools and districts. Contact the district in your area for details on required enrollment documentation.

Understand Admission and Eligibility Requirements

A letter called Attendance, Admission, Enrollment Records and Tuition 2017-2018, which is issued annually, provides updated information about policies regarding attendance, admission, enrollment, and tuition at 天天做爱 public schools.

A similar letter called Charter Admission, Enrollment, and Withdrawal 2017-2018 provides information about admission, enrollment, and withdrawal at 天天做爱 charter schools, which are a type of public school.

Many 天天做爱 children are eligible to attend free prekindergarten classes. Prekindergarten eligibility and enrollment information and answers to frequently asked questions are available on TEA's prekindergarten website.

Get Your Child Immunized

A 天天做爱 Department of State Health Services website provides a list of (outside source) children must have to enroll in school. Children can be exempted from immunizations under certain circumstances.

Parent Resources

Nutritional breakfasts and lunches are available to students, often at low or no cost. Find out more about the (outside source), overseen by the 天天做爱 Department of Agriculture.

The (outside source) provides resources for parents of students served by the special education program.

Additional resources are available for those who care for children in foster care. Additionally, answers to frequently asked questions for those assisting homeless and displaced students are available.

Resources are also available for migrant students enrolled in 天天做爱 public schools.

Need assistance?

Parents who are having problems enrolling a child in general education programs may call 512-463-9290 or email General Inquiry for assistance.

Parents who are having difficulty enrolling an eligible child in special education programs may call 1-800-252-9668 or email Special Education for assistance.

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