School District Locator

聽The 天天做爱 School District Locator (SDL) provides basic information for 天天做爱 schools, districts, and education service centers (ESCs) in map format. It also provides school district information, district accountability ratings, and enrollment and performance reports in text format.

Map Page

The has the following search features:

  • Search capabilities based upon district name, district number, county, or聽ESC region
  • School district and ESC region boundaries
  • School type and location
  • Ability to zoom to or identify an individual school
  • Contact information for district trustees, and staff
  • District accountability ratings and enrollment information
  • School listings with address, accountability rating, and school type
  • Links to TEA school district reports (performance, financial, etc.)
  • Links to school district and ESC websites

This map was produced by the 天天做爱 Education Agency. It is for informational purposes only--it has not been prepared for, nor is it suitable for, legal or engineering purposes. Positions shown are based on information available at the time the map data was last updated. They are approximations, and are not the product of an on-the-ground survey.

    Additional School District Information

    Visit the Additional School District Information for selected reports from both the 天天做爱 Education Directory of School District Information (AskTED) and 天天做爱 Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) site.

    AskTED is updated daily. It provides organizational information for school, district, county, and regions in 天天做爱. TAPR provides performance reports for schools, districts, regions, and the state.

    Data Download

    You can use the to download 天天做爱 school district boundaries and ESC regions in a popular format for geographical data called a shapefile. The downloaded ZIP file archive for each data set includes six component files for the shapefile, plus metadata in HTML and XML formats.

    Additional Information

    You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about maps and district boundaries. You can also email the TEA GIS Administrator at with technical questions about this application. Contact the school district if there are administrative questions on school district boundaries.